Avanos Hair Museum

Avanos Hair Museum

The Hair Museum in Avanos is one of the most interesting museums in our country. This museum was founded by Galip, known for his nickname Chez Galip. Every year hundreds of tourists visit this museum and leave their hair.

The Avanos Hair Museum, as in all parts of Cappadocia, brings out an interesting aspect here as well. The museum has an intriguing story and is ranked sixth among the 15 most interesting museums in the world. Today the museum has more than 16000 women’s hair.

There is an interesting and romantic story of the Avanos Hair Museum, which you can visit during the Turkey tours. A pinch of hair that was left by a French woman 35 years ago was transformed into a museum.

avanos hair museum35 years ago, a French woman who came for a trip to Cappadocia meets the Rock Carving pottery Workshop, which is owned by Galip Belukçü. About 3 months this woman remaining in Turkey and love exist  between them. One day, it’s time to return to her country. When she leaves, she cuts his hair and hangs it on the workshop’s wall Over the years, women who visit the workshop listen to this story, they are impressed and cut off their hair and hang on the wall. This way the hair museum is formed within the years.

The Hair museum, which was transformed into a museum of thousands of women with a pinch of hair that was left for the moment, entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1998.

Nowadays, it is not known exactly how many people have hair in the museum. The French woman who left the first hair came to visit again 3 years ago and was shocked by what she saw.

Galip, the owner and founder of the museum, is organizing a lottery between visitors every year and giving all inclusive Cappadocia travel to 20 lucky people. You can visit this museum with Cappadocia day tours, and you may contribute to this unique museum by hanging  your hair to wall.