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One of the most beautiful and historical cities of Cappadocia is Avanos. This small settlement dates back to 4000 years ago. Formerly Vanessa, this city was one of the most important centers of the Hittite civilization. Pottery production started thousands of years ago is still ongoing today. The most important places to be seen in this quaint city are perhaps pottery workshops. If you have a little talent, you can build your own pottery in these workshops. In addition, carpet and rug weaving, which is one of the important handicrafts of the region, is still alive in Avanos. You can visit carpets and rugs workshops to get lost in the patterns. Avanos was founded on the Red River coast, the longest river in Turkey. This makes it a fertile land. This fertile land grows the most delicious and quality grapes of Turkey. And these grapes become the best local wines in master hands.

Places to visit in Avanos

Avanos Pottery WorkshopsPottery Workshops

In the center of Avanos there are pottery workshops in the natural caves formed in the rock. These workshops promise good quality pottery to the visitors. You can also show your skills in these workshops accompanied by the real masters, and manufacture your own pottery. You can visit Avanos with Cappadocia tours.



Zelve ValleyZelve Valley

The Zelve valley, which is 3 km away from Avanos, is one of the most important open-air museums in Cappadocia. There are also 15 churches in the valley, where hundreds of fairy chimneys are located. Zelve Valley is one of the must-see places of Cappadocia during Turkey tours. It is also a great option for trekking enthusiasts with hiking trails.


Sarihan Caravanserai cappadociaSarıhan Caravanserai

The Sarıhan Caravanserai, which was built during the Sultan of Seljuk Izzettin Keykavus, is one of the most important examples of Seljuk architecture. This structure, which is surrounded by a single storey and high walls, has been named as  ‘’Saruhan’’ which is used in construction.



dereyamanli church cappadociaDereyamanlı Church

One of the most important churches of the Cappadocia region, the Dereyamanlı church is also known as the Church of the Virgin Mary. It is possible to walk or drive to the church, which also includes the frescos of the Virgin Mary and the Jesus.

One of the most important stops of the daily organized Cappadocia Tours is this historic city.You can visit this historic little city  with Turkey package tours and you can collect unforgettable memories.