One of the most famous trekking trails of Cappadocia is Güllüdere Valley, which accommodates Ayvali church.

Ayvali Church was built with the carving of a rock. Güllüdere Valley, which is 1 km away from Çavuşun village, is visited by hundreds of tourists every year. Ayvali Church is the most famous and interesting church in the region. The church, which is known to be built in the 9th century, consists of two floors.

Ayvali Church has two chapels in the north and south.The chapel in the north is a tomb chapel. The chapel in the south is often used for celebrations. At the time of construction, both chapels have different entrance doors, but today the gate of the northern Chapel has been closed down. The entrance to the church, which can be visited by Cappadocia tours, is only possible from the South Gate. The church was used as a pigeon house after a period of time, and small holes were opened for the entrance of the pigeons. At this stage most of the paintings in the church have been destroyed.

Ayvali Church is located within Gulludere Valley. There are frescoes at the entrance to the church. The frescoes of the church consist of two layers. The most important fresco in the southern chapel is ‘’bearded man who has opened his eyes to the fullest’’ This church, built in the 9th century, reflects the traces of its period.

One of the details that draws attention in the Ayvali church is that technically a more skillful method is used in some of the fresces on the second floor. It shows us that the paintings were made by a different painter. Different themes are processed on the lower level and upper floor of the church. The northern chapel of the church also contains frescoes related to the subject of death. The southern chapel includes scenes from the Bible and Jesus.

One of the most remarkable scenes in Ayvali church, which still preserves its traces of history, is the scene depicted on the deathbed of Virgin Mary. Here, the apostly and Jesus are located around the Virgin Mary. You can explore the interesting scenes in the church more closely during your visit with Turkey package tours.