The popular resort of Fethiye, 135km southeast of Marmaris, has an important marina at the head of a beautiful bay strewn with islands.

A hill crowned by the ruins of a crusader fortress built by the Knights of Rhodes overlooks the little port. Above the county numerous Lycian rock tombs reproducing the facades of ancient buildings were cut into the cliff face. The Tomb of Amyntas which probably dates from the fourth century BC is the most remarkable one. The surrounding area is rich in beautiful coves and valleys; places not to be missed are Butterfly Valley, home to thousands of butterflies, and Saklıkent which is accessible only by wading through the ice-cold waters coming straight from the mountains. Ölüdeniz, or the Dead Sea, takes its name from the still waters which separate the lagoon from the sea itself. The calm blue waters and rugged mountains make Ölüdeniz one of Turkey’s most beautiful regions.

The road to Belceğiz Bay takes you through the mountains where cozy guest houses cater forthose seeking mountain scenery. Ocakköy is a mountain village that is a must-see. Stay in one of the lovely guest houses and enjoy the numerous hiking opportunities! Hisaronu, also a mountain village, has very nice hotels.

Göcek, a large and secluded bay located in the nortwestern part of Fethiye, serves yachts with its significant marinas. It is a peaceful tour with accommodation facilities, shopping areas, restaurants and bars.

Kayaköy, 4km from Hisaronu, is a picturesque abandoned town with old houses and churches. Explore the bay and the beautiful Blue Lagoon (Mavi Göl) where the calm, crystal-clear water is ideal for swimming and other water sports! The Blue Lagoon is one of the best places in the world to do absolutely nothing but soak up the sun amid stunning natural surroundings. From Babadağ Mountain (1969m) you can even paraglide into the Blue Lagoon. For those seeking accommodation, Belceğiz Beach is highly recommended. Intoxicating scenery surrounds the beach and shady park at Kıdırak. On Gemile Island (StNicholas Island), Byzantine ruins lie tucked amid the pines. In the south of Kıdırak beach, Kötürümsü Bay is accessible by boat only. A forest, waterfalls and a valley filled with hundreds of varieties of butterflies await the intrepid explorer beyond the idyllic beach. Yakaköy (Tlos), 36km south of Fethiye, is the oldest city of the Lycian region and the home of the Lycian hero Bellerophon. Visitors can see the remains of a castle, agora, necropolis, theatre and Roman baths as well as enjoy a good view of Eşen Valley in Yakaköy. Two kilometres to the east is Tlos Park, an ideal picnic place. Pınara, 49km south of Fethiye, is another ancient mountain city and it is ideal for hiking and visitors can see the remains of a theatre, agora, rock tomb and baths there.