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The Valley of Love is one of the most beautiful places of Cappadocia, also known as the Bagididere Valley. The valley of love is often a place that passes by, but sometimes it is not noticed and sometimes it is difficult to get in. Since the vehicle is prohibited in the region, it can be viewed from the sky during hot air balloon flights. However, we recommend that you do not pass without seeing this beauty. You can walk to the Love Valley, which is 4900 meters long. The most important feature that makes this place unforgettable is undoubtedly the fairy chimneys. There are impressive fairy chimneys of different sizes and different colors. Love Valley is an opportunity for those who like to enjoy hiking.

Love Valley is located within the borders of Cappadocia and Goreme. You can also explore the place called the Hill of Love. An unforgettable sight awaits you at the Aşıklar Hill, where almost all of Cappadocia is under your feet. With Cappadocia tours, you can visit the Lovers’ Valley and have a chance to see this magnificent nature view. The Valley of Love will drag you into an unforgettable adventure with both its look and story. You will reconnect with your loved ones while you are traveling with your loved ones.

Love Valley Story

Love Valley Cappadocia The love valley has at least as beautiful a story as itself. Let us briefly explain the story of Love Valley, which you can visit with Cappadocia tours. This story takes place in a village in ancient times. In ancient times there was a village that was rich in fruit and rich in water. There was a fight between the two families in this village and the village was divided into two. Since the villages were divided into two because of the constant fights, the young people in these villages did not talk to each other. One day, two young people met each other. These young people loved each other and fell in love. But this love has made the two villages even more hostile to each other. Spells, fights and all the efforts could not separate these young people. Young people got married and had a child. However, the villagers did not accept this marriage and killed this young man. The girl who couldn’t stand the death of her husband committed suicide after a while.

God was very angry at the murder of the couple and threw stones into this village. Anyone who didn’t want this young couple to be together died under these stones. This is one of the interesting stories of Cappadocia.

You can visit Cappadocia and Turkey with package tours, you can discover the story of Love Valley.