Customized Turkey and Cappadocia Tours


You will meet the cultures and religions that live together in the shade of the elegantly built hillside houses.

The city of Mardin is a timeless place with thousands of years of cultural heritage and wonderful architecture.

The communities and cultures that have been living together for a long time in this city have perhaps created one of the most delicious cuisine in the world.Mardin is waiting for you to discover.

The footsteps of the first civilizations in the region date back to the Neolithic. Persians, Assyrians, Byzantines, Romans, Arabs, Mongols, Seljuks, Mamluks, Artukids, Karakoyunluss, Safavids and Ottomans made their marks on this city.

The castle, built on a hill overlooking the city by Hamdanis in 975-976, has a wonderful stone workmanship. Ulu Mosque is the oldest mosque built in 1186. Isa bey madrasa was builtin the 14th century and the roof of the madrasa offers visitors a wonderful view of mesopotamia.

Mardin is also home to the Deyrulzafaran Monastery, an important religious center datingback to the 5th century. One of the largest and most famous buildings of the Syriac Orthodoxis the Deyrulumur Monastery (Mor Gabriel) in the nearby town of Midyat. Midyat is also famous for its silver jewelery known as Telkari.