An ancient city on the Black Sea coast where the forest and the sea meet.

The history of Trabzon, which is the center of cultural and natural richness in the Eastern Black Sea Region, is based on very old.

Throughout the centuries, this city, where different religions, cultures and societies lived together, was one of the indispensable stops of the historic silk road.

From the known ages of history, this city have been visited by famous travelers of their time and immortalized by their books. Examples of these travelers are Xenophon, Evliya Celebi, Fallmerayer and Frunze.

Today, Trabzon continues to be an important cultural and commercial center with mosques, caravanserais, Turkish baths, covered bazaar, city walls, markets and port.

The most interesting of the historical monuments in Trabzon is the church of the Hagia Sophia, which was built in the 13th century as a Byzantine church.

Sumela Monastery, which is built on a cliff with an altitude of 270 meters and challenging for years, is waiting for you. This incredible monastery is built in a narrow valley and offers a unique experience with its decorations and churches.

One of the most important symbols of Trabzon is Uzungol nature park.

This lake and its surroundings, which were formed as a result of natural events, have been hosting visitors with natural walking routes, accommodation facilities and picnic areas.

In addition to its natural beauties, Trabzon has a special and very delicious kitchen that is shaped by the Black Sea.