Gobeklitepe Archeological Site is located 18 kilometers northeast of Sanliurfa city center, near Orencik Village. The area was discovered in 1963 during a survey conducted in collaboration with the Universities of Istanbul and Chicago and was identified as the "V52 Neolithic Settlement". The real value of the area started to be revealed with the excavations started after 1994. After these studies, it was understood that Göbeklitepe was a cult center dating back 12000 years.

In the middle of the 20 round and oval structures with a diameter of 30 meters, there are 2 “T” shaped columns 5 meters high, independent of limestone.There are smaller columns on the inner walls of the buildings.

The mentioned scientific datas about Gobekli Tepe provide important information that requires re-evaluation of the theoretical framework and dating of the Neolithic period in archeology studies. It was understood that Gobekli Tepe was a unique sanctuary for the Neolithic period with its location,dimensions, dating and monumentality of its structures. Since the site has remained untouched in its natural environment for 12000 years, it yields important archaeological finds.




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